REAct user guide

A guide for organisations interested in implementing a human rights documentation and monitoring system.

Rights-Evidence-ACTion (REAct) is a system that helps organisations document and respond to human rights-related barriers that individuals experience in accessing HIV services.

Developed by Frontline AIDS, REAct enables organisations to record data about human rights violations experienced by individuals; provide and refer them to health, legal and other public services; and use this data to inform quality human rights-based HIV programming, policy and advocacy at national, regional and global levels.

Gender REAct is a supplementary module to REAct, which recognises a specific need to document gender-related human rights barriers to accessing health, HIV, violence response and other support services, especially in the wake of COVID-19. This should be used alongside REAct, to better document and respond to incidences of sexual and gender based violence.


For more information, see our page about REAct.

This work has been possible with financial support from GIZ BACKUP Health.


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