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We’re on the frontline of AIDS in Peru, working to uphold the human rights of people living with, and affected by, HIV, helping them access the services they deserve.

While Peru’s rate of HIV infection is 0.3% of the general population, new infections are on the rise. And the impact is felt most heavily among marginalised communities, such as men who have sex with men (MSM).

We’re working to overcome the discrimination that creates unnecessary barriers for those who need vital HIV services.


● 48% of children (aged 0-14) living with HIV are on treatment.
● 3% of gay men and other men who have sex with men are living with HIV.
● Just over 1 in 10 women reported experiencing physical or sexual violence from a male partner in the previous 12 months.


Via Libre

We work with Via Libre to promote everyone’s right to access health services, particularly those most at risk from HIV.

Operating for almost 30 years, Via Libre’s work is based on respect for human rights, sexual diversity and gender equality. Its mission is to ensure that those who need HIV prevention information and treatment get it.

One of the ways in which Via Libre does this is via an HIV clinic that offers testing, treatment and wider sexual and reproductive health (SRH) support. This includes an on-site laboratory that conducts HIV testing and a pharmacy. Meanwhile, the team has scaled up their innovative clinical HIV research and has developed an app for health providers designed to improve knowledge and treatment options for adolescents living with HIV. They are a self-sustainable organisation as their clinic works as a social enterprise.

Via Libre leads the Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Platform for Support, Coordination and Communication of Civil Society and Communities (LAC Platform), supported by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (Global Fund).


In 2018, Via Libre reached:

  • Supported more than 3,100 gay men and other MSM with HIV prevention services.
  • Reached more than 3,250 people with HIV treatment and care. It also piloted innovative methods for treatment adherence.
  • Published three research studies on men who have sex with men and transgender women.

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