Every year, 1.7 million people find out that they’re living with HIV. And yet, 33% of people living with HIV don’t get the lifesaving treatment they need. For many this is because they belong to marginalised groups, such as sex workers and people who use drugs, who struggle to access healthcare services.

We believe access to HIV treatment and care is a basic human right. And yet, millions of people living with HIV around the world are still denied access every day.


We work with people affected by HIV to help them get better access to diagnosis, treatment and support services. For example, we:

  • Run HIV counselling and testing services in familiar places, e.g. youth clubs.
  • Help people who test positive access care services.
  • Support community members who work with clinics and hospitals to make sure people affected by HIV are treated with respect.
  • Connect people who are newly diagnosed with community members who can share tips on keeping treatment on track.
  • Bring HIV testing and treatment to marginalised people through mobile clinics.


We’re proud of the work we do. In 2019 we:

  • Supported 2.6 million people to take an HIV test and know their results.
  • Linked 32,000 people who were diagnosed with HIV to treatment, care and support.


Serina should be like any other vibrant 19-year-old – enjoying life. However, as a transgender woman living in Uganda, she has experienced stigma, discrimination and sexual violence, which led to her acquiring HIV.

When Serina first came to our Frontline AIDS partner, she was malnourished and had no money to support herself. But with our help she was able to access stigma-free HIV testing, care, treatment and counselling.

“My friends and I always have access to the services we need, and the counsellors and doctors treat us with love and dignity regardless of who we identify as,” says Serina.

Today, Serina’s health has greatly improved and she has a growing support network of other young people living with HIV.

Serina’s story

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