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We’re on the frontline of AIDS in Haiti, working to protect some of the country’s most marginalised communities living under extremely difficult circumstances.

The HIV picture in Haiti is a complex one, exacerbated by extreme poverty, political instability and a lack of good quality health services. Many people still struggle for food, water and shelter after the devastating earthquake in 2010 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016. The impact on those living with HIV is severe, with many subjected to violence, denied medical services and abandoned by loved ones.

Our work here is more important than ever, helping to bring vital health services to those living with, or at risk from, HIV.


● In 2017 over 71% of adults report discriminatory attitudes towards people living with HIV.
● Prevalence among young women is more than double that among young men.
● Only 58% of people living with HIV are on treatment.


Promoteurs de l’Objectif Zérosida (POZ)

We’ve worked with POZ since 2005, helping them deliver life-saving health services to those most affected by the HIV epidemic, as well as defending their rights.

That isn’t easy to do in a country like Haiti. In 2010, the POZ office collapsed in the earthquake and yet the team continued to work out of tents. The team took condoms and HIV prevention messages to the temporary camps where the risk of HIV was greatest. POZ also formed short-term strategic partnerships with other organisations to make sure that the livelihood and nutritional needs of people living with HIV were met.

Almost a decade later, POZ continues its vital work, reaching thousands of people in some of Haiti’s most marginalised communities.


In 2018, POZ reached:

  • Just under 90,000 people with HIV prevention services.
  • 21,436 men who have sex with men with activities to cope with the consequences of experiencing stigma and discrimination.

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