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In Myanmar, we support organisations to increase their ability to respond to the HIV epidemic.

Myanmar has one of the highest rates of HIV prevalence in Asia. However, 76% of people living with HIV in the country are on treatment, and Myanmar has already reached the 2030 target of ensuring 95% of people on treatment are virally suppressed.

Most of the new HIV infections here are among marginalised populations, including people who use drugs. Promisingly, the country ranks as one of the few with high coverage of needle-syringe programmes – a type of harm reduction service.


  • 240,000 people are living with HIV
  • 76% of people living with HIV are on antiretroviral treatment
  • 19% of people who inject drugs are living with HIV



Frontline AIDS has worked on HIV in Myanmar since 2004, supporting local communities to organise and manage projects responding to HIV. Community-based organisations have been trained in areas including counselling, promoting safer sex practices, outreach, and organisational development. Mahamate works with private clinics to provide quality antiretroviral treatment (ART) services, reaching more than 3,000 people living HIV.

Our programming supports marginalised groups most affected by HIV in Myanmar, including people living with HIV, people who use drugs, men who have sex with men (MSM) and sex workers, to advocate against stigma and discrimination and for better access to HIV and health services.


During 2019, Mahamate Alliance Myanmar:

  • Reached 55,500 people from marginalised groups with sexual reproductive health and rights interventions including HIV.
  • Distributed 2.5 million needles and syringes and reached 6,600 people with needles and syringe exchange programmes.
  • Advocated for access to affordable medicine in the process of developing Intellectual Property Right Laws. Together with key population networks, Mahamate met with parliamentarians to ensure all TRIPS flexibilities were recognised in the law.

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