This Global Plan of Action will drive the work of the Frontline AIDS partnership between 2020 and 2025. The Plan sets out ten critical actions that we will prioritise to help the world secure a future free from AIDS for everyone, everywhere.

We believe that if the actions in this plan are successful, they will make a significant contribution towards global efforts to reduce new HIV infections and AIDS-related deaths.

No single organisation can end AIDS alone. We must work collectively, bringing our skills and experience in HIV, health and human rights to address the challenges that drive the epidemic.

Our Global Plan of Action is a call to action for everyone who wants a future free from AIDS. Our tagline is ‘Join Us. End It.’, to emphasise the open nature of our partnership approach.

Front cover of the Global Plan of Action

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Our partnership promises

Our contribution to the HIV response is reflected in our four partnership promises:

Speak truth

Our global and national engagement will galvanise urgent action on AIDS, particularly around the crisis in HIV prevention.

Unlock barriers

Our advocacy with communities will challenge social and gender norms and influence governments and other institutions to develop and implement laws, plans and policies to ensure full access to services.

Invest in solutions

We will tailor our innovative solutions to respond to the needs of the most marginalised people.

Build a sustainable future

Our technical assistance for civil society and governments will enhance the delivery, governance and monitoring of comprehensive national HIV responses.

Our actions


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