US supports suspending vaccine patents in major step towards People’s Vaccine

Frontline AIDS is part of the People’s Vaccine campaign.

US Government support for the TRIPS waiver brings the world closer to the removal of a major obstacle in the drive to increase vaccine production worldwide.

The Biden administration has publicly supported waiving intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines, saying “These extraordinary times and circumstances call for extraordinary measures”.

Responding to the news, Christine Stegling, Executive Director at Frontline AIDS said:

“In years to come, we may look back on this move by the US as a defining moment in the drive for a People’s Vaccine that can benefit everyone, everywhere.

“In recent months we have seen rich economies giving away their excess vaccine stocks to others, but that approach only underlines what is wrong with the current system. The real solution to ending this pandemic – just as to ending AIDS – is to suspend patents on vaccine technology and other essential medicines, massively increasing global production, bringing down prices and enabling many more governments can create their own stocks.

“This decision sets a clear challenge to the UK, EU and other wealthy countries to do the right thing and throw their support behind the TRIPS waiver as a path to vaccine equity. The world is watching their next move.”

As a member of the People’s Vaccine campaign, Frontline AIDS is joining health and humanitarian organisations, past and present global leaders, health experts, faith leaders and economists to urge the World Trade Organization to lift intellectual property provisions on vaccines and equipment.