Tools together now!

100 participatory tools to mobilise communities for HIV/AIDS

This toolkit provides a selection of 100 Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) tools which you can use for community mobilisation and HIV/AIDS.

PLA tools are interactive activities which enable communities and organisations to learn together about HIV/AIDS in their community, develop a plan, act on it and evaluate and reflect on how it went.

Tools Together Now! is designed to help put All Together Now! – Community mobilisation for HIV/AIDS, into practice. Used together, these two resources will provide a powerful way for organisations and communities to work more effectively together to address HIV/AIDS. All the tools and approaches described in this toolkit were developed or adapted in the field by Alliance partner NGOs with communities.

This toolkit is intended to help organisations and community groups mobilise and work together to address HIV/AIDS issues. These issues may relate to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS, or mitigating the negative impact of HIV/AIDS on affected communities. People working directly with communities affected by HIV/AIDS will find these tools most helpful. However, any organisation working on HIV/AIDS should find these tools useful for their work.

This article was written as the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, before we changed our name to Frontline AIDS.