Technical brief on COVID-19 and HIV programming

This document provides technical guidance on programming in various areas where COVID-19 and HIV intersect.

Technical brief on COVID-19 and HIV programming

The brief, primarily intended for Frontline AIDS partners, aims to

  • introduce principles for HIV programming influenced by COVID-19
  • discuss general considerations relating to COVID-19 and HIV
  • consider the possible impact of COVID-19 on marginalised populations and their vulnerabilities, as well as their existing and potential new needs.
  • provide guidance to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on HIV prevention, HIV treatment, HIV/TB and HIV/HCV co-infections, harm reduction for people who use drugs, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender, and human rights

This brief is a working paper, which means it is meant to evolve and be updated as we have more information and experience across the partnership around HIV programming within the context of COVID-19.