AIDS Today: 2014 edition

AIDS Today is the first edition of our new biennial publication that presents the global state of the civil society response to AIDS.

AIDS Today: Tell no lies, claim no easy victories (2014 edition) is the first edition of our new biennial publication that presents the global state of the civil society response to AIDS.

The report aims to spark a timely debate about the global AIDS response: what it has achieved, what it can teach others fighting for health and justice, and what remains to be done to bring about a sustainable end to AIDS.

This debate kicked off at the London School of Economics and Politcial Science (LSE) on 14 October 2014, where two of the report authors, Sisonke Msimang and Mark Heywood, joined social scientists to debate just that. The event was recorded, click here to watch or listen in full.

Exec summary grey fact

Executive Summary

Taken together, these essays represent a wail against complacency, a battle cry in defence of human rights in an era of jargon and statistics.

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ESSAY: Unravelling the human rights response

Mark Heywood provides a short history of the rise and fall of the human rights approach in the HIV response.

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INSIGHT: Beauty and the beast

Monica Leonardo on how transgender activists won the right to gender identity in Argentina.

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INSIGHT: Women, power, sex and politics

Lead author, Sisonke Msimang, recalls how “in conversation after conversation, women told us that AIDS felt like it was simply one assault too many.”

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ESSAY: Funding the fight to end the AIDS epidemic

Asia Russell on how funding for HIV has stagnated at the very time when we have the potential to reverse the epidemic.

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INSIGHT: Supply and demand

Pauline Londeix outlines why drug prices and trade barriers are blocking drug access and what activists can do about it.

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ESSAY: Overcoming the epidemic of fear

Martin Choo explains Why the social context in which people living with HIV live, and love, matters most of all.

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INSIGHT: Against the grain

Anya Sarang provides the story of the Andrey Rylkov Foundation in Russia, which started as an initiative to protect the health and rights of people who use drugs.

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ESSAY: The architecture of AIDS

Robin Gorna on building a movement,sustaining a response.

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INSIGHT: ‘Smoking out the gays’

Dr. Frank Mugisha on how hatred has distracted Ugandans and reversed hard-won gains in the fight against AIDS.

This article was written as the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, before we changed our name to Frontline AIDS.