Advocacy Toolkit for Key Populations

The EMPAD Policy Framework for national advocacy by and with key populations.

In some settings, established decision-makers strive to ensure that key population representatives have a voice in HIV policy processes, but in many settings, key populations must lobby persistently to be included.

In response to this situation, the Alliance developed the EMPAD (Empowerment for Advocacy) Policy Framework. This tool is intended to support national-level advocacy as an element of HIV programmes designed with and for key populations.

The publication explains how civil society organisations and networks can use the EMPAD Policy Framework for:designing new advocacy and campaign programmes;developing advocacy-related funding proposals; andcommunicating advocacy work around key populations.

While EMPAD was formulated with national-level advocacy efforts in mind, its principles can be adapted easily to the regional and global levels.

This article was written as the International HIV/AIDS Alliance, before we changed our name to Frontline AIDS.