Our Statement on the Safe To Be Me Conference

Two LGBT pride flags on a desk © Frontline AIDS/Tony Kawimbe/Arete 2020
Activists in Zimbabwe are using their influence to advance LGBTI rights.

Frontline AIDS makes a statement on the Safe To Be Me Conference 2022.

Frontline AIDS today confirms that we will not be engaging in the UK Government’s Safe To Be Me conference this summer, following the Government’s recent decision not to ban so-called ‘conversion therapy’, and its subsequent plan to exclude transgender people from protection should a ban come into law.

Frontline AIDS works with more than 40 LGBT+ organisations around the world, who every day bring leadership and bravery to the fight to end discrimination and violence against LGBT+ people – and the struggle to end AIDS. Their courage will ultimately determine whether LGBT+ people are safe to be themselves, but political leadership is critical too.

Unfortunately, the current UK Government’s ambivalence on so-called ‘conversion therapy’ – which has been widely discredited and can include acts such as false imprisonment, psychological torture, assault, and rape – does not position the UK as an appropriate leader for a global dialogue on ensuring safety, health, and human rights for all LGBT+ people and communities around the world.

In line with calls from LGBT+ organisations across the UK, we urge the UK Government to institute a total ban on ‘conversion therapy’ without further delay.


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