Video: Not even a pandemic can stop the fight for Pride

In 2021 most in-person Pride festivals are cancelled due to the pandemic. But it’s also worth remembering, that for millions of LGBT+ people around the world – stigma, discrimination and criminalisation make participating in Pride events impossible every year.

But this doesn’t mean that LGBT+ people are any less proud of who they are. In that sense, Pride is never cancelled.

The Frontline AIDS partnership is full of LGBT+ activists who are literally on the frontline of discrimination, violence and abuse, fighting for their rights and the rights of all LGBT+ people.

This year we celebrate their achievements by sharing with you the stories of Melody from South Africa and Ret from Cambodia. Each of them embodies and is the very definition of Pride.

Find out more about what our LGBT+ activists are doing around the world.

Thank you to Melody Seherrie and Ret Sovann Punleu for their participation in the video.


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