READYCast: READY movement podcast

Key information

  • Organisation: Global Network of Young People Living with HIV, Y+ Global
  • Country: Eswatini, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zimbabwe
  • Region: East and Southern Africa
  • Stage of innovation: 3: Pilot
  • Start date: 2021
  • Type of innovation: Services delivery innovation: new or different way of providing a service
  • Funder: Embassy of the Netherlands in Mozambique

Summary of intervention

There are often limited opportunities for young people living with or affected by HIV to tell their stories, or to highlight key issues and advocate for change with decision-makers and policy influencers. The media often lacks attention to young people, especially young key populations. The usual challenges that young people face were exacerbated by COVID-19, with increased human rights violations and drug shortages.

Young people wanted to share their experiences and push for the change they want to see to improve their lives. Through READYCast — an innovative series of podcasts — the READY+ programme is supporting communities of young people to host podcasts and discuss a broad range of topics including sexuality, HIV, SRHR, access to treatment, adherance, economic survival and human rights with key influencers. The project provided equipment in the four countries, and the sessions are held in different languages, binging together a range of presenters, from HIV advocates to health professionals and policy-makers.

Country-led networks of young people living with HIV are sharing their knowledge and experiences, enabling their peers, not only to access information, but also the tools they need to advocate for change to policies and processes that affect them.

Find out more information on the READY+ programme, and listen to READYCast HERE.