PATA linking and learning hub

Key information

  • Organisation: Paediatric-Adolescent Treatment Africa (PATA)
  • Country: South Africa
  • Region: Eastern and Southern Africa, Western and Central Africa
  • Stage of innovation: Stage 6: In the market and Ready to scale
  • Start date: 2021
  • Type of innovation: Administrative or organisational innovation: new process
  • Budget: 15,000 USD
  • Funder: Embassy of the Netherlands in Mozambique

Summary of intervention

PATA and its partners have a plethora of expertise in paediatric and adolescent service delivery and lots to learn from each other from implementing existing, new and innovative initiatives. Knowledge and expertise often sits within organisations without a mechanism for sharing with others involved in similar work.

PATA developed the Linking and Learning Hub – a powerful platform and interactive space for regional collaboration, capacity building and peer-to-peer exchange across the PATA network. This platform allows frontline health providers – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, counsellors, community and village health workers and peer supporters, as well as strategic partners, to exchange knowledge and information through webinars, trainings, summits and an activity wall. Many webinars offer real cases and case-based practical learning to improve paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery. The Hub offers physical and virtual components that provide formal and informal opportunities across the PATA network to come together with peers and other experts in paediatric and adolescent HIV service delivery in sub-Saharan Africa, to learn, engage and share.

As of June 2022, the hub has almost 1,000 members from different service providers and partners.

next steps

The platform is already open to the sub-Saharan Africa region, but there are plans to extend to other regions.


PATA is currently paying for the hosting of the hub address. In terms of sustainability, PATA will look into whether benefiting partners may be able to support the initiative in the future.

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