Digital platform for HIV and TB in Morocco

Key information

  • Organisation: Association Marocaine de Solidarité et de Dévelopement (AMSED)
  • Country: Morocco
  • Region: Middle East and North Africa
  • Stage of innovation: Stage 5: Market ready
  • Date: 2022
  • Type of innovation: Service innovation: new or improved service
  • Funder: The Global Fund

Summary of intervention

Health information about HIV and TB is often fragmented and disseminated through multiple tools. AMSED, in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Morocco and funded by the Global Fund, developed the Interactive Community Platform, a digital platform to bring together those responding to HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis, including partners and target populations. The aim was to unify stakeholders and offer a one-stop shop for information and tools as part of AMSED’s Health System Strengthening programme.

This has centralised information on a single platform, and enabled collaboration between the various services, partners, key populations and the general public. The platform offers a ‘general information’ space for communicating the key messages around HIV/AIDS/STIs and tuberculosis, in particular, national statistics, definitions, prevention, diagnosis, screening and treatment. All data are validated by a scientific committee from the Ministry of Health, UNAIDS and community doctors. Interactive ‘TB quiz’ and ‘HIV quiz’ areas allows users to test and improve their knowledge about HIV and TB. A ‘Mapping’ space captures the databases of state and community actors involved in HIV and TB care.

There is also a ‘Communities’ space where community members can chat in private or group discussion rooms, and an ‘Associations’ space for associations working in TB and HIV to share and consult with each other.


Participation and consultation with all stakeholders allows everyone to take ownership of the project, adhere to its philosophy and contribute to its development and sustainability.

next steps

The platform will be promoted via social networks and the organisation of a national promotion meeting.


The project has built stakeholder ownership, creating steering committees who are committed to taking charge of the management of the platform on a voluntary basis.