We’ve been supporting communities affected by HIV for over 25 years. We’ve made great strides but now is the time to commit to ending the epidemic before it resurges.

By joining us, your brand will be supporting civil society organisations all over the world to thrive and continue their efforts to end AIDS for everyone, everywhere. Together we are strong, but with your corporate support we can be stronger.


When forming a corporate partnership with Frontline AIDS, you will invest in a project that is both visionary and possible.

In the last twenty years, civil societies, governments, corporates and global institutions have pulled together to drive one of the biggest successes in global health of our century.

It has been spectacular. But right now, the HIV epidemic is spiking again. It is the biggest killer of young people and women of a child bearing age across Africa. These are people with the least power. People who are stigmatised and marginalised just because of who they are and where they were born.

Together we have a once in a generation opportunity to change their future forever.


You will work with a Frontline AIDS dedicated relationship manager who will support you to achieve the maximum impact for your business and your communities.

  • Your partnership programme will be tailored to ensure it meets your CSR and business objectives
  • You will have unique opportunities to invest on a specific programme or specific interventions across countries, in communities where you operate
  • You will have opportunities to co-invest with institutions, global philanthropic foundations and other corporates to ensure your impact is maximised
  • You will get access to decades of expertise in HIV support and services, and real life stories from the frontlines across the world.


M&C Saatchi Worldwide Services partnered with Frontline AIDS to create an exciting app that supports young people living with HIV in Africa.

  • M&C Saatchi employees visited partners on the ground, speaking directly with young people living with HIV. They held consultations and went on to develop an app to help young people take their medication on time.
  • Through the app, they can track conversations, feelings and trends to help young people in Africa living with HIV access the treatment they need and stay on their medication.

Read about M&C Saatchi World Services’ experience first hand, through their blog as a Frontline AIDS corporate partner.


If you would like to find out more, please contact Chris Baker, Lead: Corporate Partnerships on cbaker@frontlineaids.org