Advent of Change: the story behind the photo

A transgender woman smiling and standing in front of a wall © Frontline AIDS/Jason Florio/2018
In 2018, Guyana Trans United led a ground-breaking campaign to repeal British colonial ‘buggery laws’

Behind every photo in our gallery is a story on sexual health, and these stories are stories of change.

Working in more than 40 countries, there is difference and diversity in everything we do. These photos showcase some of our proudest moments, the ones that make us stand back, smile and feel gratitude for our global partnership. The ones that show who we are as a global community, what we do and what we believe in.

In each of these photographs we see more than just an image or a moment, we see a person, a family, a life. All these people are working to change things for the better – in their personal lives and in their communities – on issues around sexual and reproductive health and rights.

We hope this gallery brings some joy to your day and gives you pride too, knowing what your support can help achieve.

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