A tribute to our friend and ally Jonathan Cooper

Three hands with the words tolerance, peace and love written on them
Tolerance, peace and love. Matofu, 41, & son Suphi, 10, and Didier, 27 (all aliases) live at a safehouse in Malawi. They moved here after homophobic attacks at Dzaleka refugee camp.

Frontline AIDS mourns the loss of Jonathan Cooper, Chair of our Ambassadors Network

We are deeply saddened to learn that our dear friend and ally Jonathan Cooper, has died.

Jonathan was a true pioneer for LGBT+ equality and rights worldwide, and one of the finest human rights minds of his generation. His many legal challenges against the criminalisation of homosexuality paved the way for law reform in many countries, making life better for large numbers of LGBT+ people. Lately, he became Chair of our Ambassadors Network, a philanthropic group he was helping to grow.

It is difficult to imagine a world without Jonathan, because the world so desperately needs people of his integrity and heart. We will miss him dearly.