Reporting malpractice and misconduct

Frontline AIDS has a zero tolerance approach to malpractice and misconduct and we take all reports seriously. We are committed to providing a clear and straightforward reporting system and we handle all information relating to malpractice and misconduct appropriately and responsibly. Malpractice and misconduct could be criminal, financial, sexual or HR-related and it can be brought to our attention by anybody.

All Frontline AIDS representatives have a specific responsibility to raise any concerns they have, or those that are reported to them, in a confidential and timely manner. It is not the responsibility of individuals to decide whether or not malpractice or misconduct has occurred.

Frontline AIDS has a defined reporting journey, which reflects our accountability to the people we work with and to donors and legal bodies. We prioritise the safety of the complainant, the integrity and confidentiality of the investigation, and compliance with relevant legislation and donor contractual requirements.

Anyone with any concerns regarding malpractice or misconduct should contact

Cases will be referred to the appropriate team to investigate.

When reporting suspected malpractice or misconduct, please include as much detail as possible, including:

  • What occurred?
  • When and where did it occur?
  • Who was involved (including name, position and organisation)?

Any information received will be treated in confidence, in line with our Whistle-blowing policy, and the situation will be investigated thoroughly and fairly. We will inform the complainant of the outcome of the investigation and any actions proposed.

If you ask us not to disclose your identity, insofar as possible, we will not do so. If for any reason, such as a requirement by law, your identity would be disclosed, we will discuss this with you at an appropriate time.

FCDO-funded projects

Staff and partners involved in FCDO-funded business can immediately report all suspicions or allegations of aid diversion, fraud, money laundering or counter-terrorism finance to the Counter Fraud and Whistleblowing Unit (CFWU) at or on +44(0)1355 843747.