AIDS Isn’t Over

To launch our AIDS Isn’t Over campaign, we brought together HIV activists working on the frontline of the pandemic, with some of our famous supporters, to create a new rendition of the 80s anthem 🎵 Don’t You Forget About Me🎵, and help spread the important message that – while we left many things in the 80s – AIDS wasn’t one of them.

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Some people think that AIDS is something we left in the 80s. Sadly, this isn’t true.

40 years on from the start of the pandemic, there are still far too many new HIV infections and deaths from AIDS-related illness.

Now faced with a new global health crisis in COVID-19, HIV risks becoming a forgotten pandemic. It’s vital that we don’t let that happen.

Take the online quiz below to test your assumptions about HIV and AIDS, and help us get the message out there that #AIDSisntOver.


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The world has been pushing to end HIV and AIDS for almost 40 years.
But how much do you know about the current state of the pandemic?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge and share important facts about HIV.

In 2019, the number of people
who contracted HIV worldwide...

Modern drugs for HIV can keep people well. But what % of people living with HIV can access them?

Globally, how many people died of AIDS-related illnesses last year?

The world has to learn to live with
HIV and AIDS. True or false?

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Please help by sharing this quiz with your friends and getting the message out there that #AIDSisntOver.



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